Centro San Antonio "Art Everywhere" with Artist Kathy Sosa

Keep Calm y Dream On!
June 1, 2020

Kathy Sosa has been creating artworks for a few years that riff on the British government’s morale-boosting World War II encouragement to “Keep calm and carry on,” often putting a Spanglish spin on the phrase: “Keep calm y taco on,” “Keep calm y Fiesta on.”

The latest installment in Sosa’s “Keep Calm y Dream On” series — a mural on the side of La Boulangerie, a bakery downtown — has a French twist. It features five rectangles, each reading “Keep Calm et Macaron,” painted in the pastel shades of the delicate French cookies.

The mural was inspired partly by the fact that Sosa, 66, loves the food at La Boulangerie and had struck up a friendship with Sylvain and Sylvie Nykiel, the French couple who own it. Sosa suggested the mural as a way to draw attention to the business and to underscore the fact that it, too, represents a cultural blend, with the couple bringing French cuisine to San Antonio.